About the Huey P. Long Fieldhouse

The Huey P. Long Fieldhouse, completed in 1932, is one of the original buildings on the LSU Campus. Build under Long's leadership, the fieldhouse was the original student union, with a ballroom, soda fountain, post office, beauty parlor, barber shop, and outdoor swimming pool. The architecture declared the University's mission to life itself and its students from the humble farm-land roots to a prestigious University; strong, elegant, and a site to behold.

This aquatic facility often described as having the appearance of a "Roman Bath", was from its inception not only beautiful in architectural details, but was built to be the longest pool in the country per Long's dream to build the best university in the US. The fieldhouse was designed by the same firm that built the Old State Capital and Governor's Mansion. The buildings are also on the State Registry and National Registry "because it embodies distinctive characteristics of a type of period, and method of construction that represents the work of a master and possesses high artistic value."(State Registry)

From the pool's completion until the 1970's, the HPL pool hosted many swim lessons for students of all ages and it was required that every LSU student complete a swim class during their tenure at the University. In 1988 the Men's Swim team, which trained at the HPL pool, won the SEC championships. But since the 1960's the Heuy P. Long pool began a steady decline. Due to lack of regular maintenance and upkeep the pool was drained and finally closed around 1999.

What once was a thriving center for social gatherings, athleticism, and charitable opportunity, now lies empty with not a drop of its original vision remaining.

Our goal is to restore the original glory and grandeur to this wonderful facility with the help from LSU alumni past and present, and the local community. We hope to fill the pool with the waters of hope, joy, laughter and pride. Pride in keeping with a heritage that continues to pursue a vision of greatness.

Geaux Tigers!

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